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Announcement of the winners
  1. Call and submissions completed on 01.07.2023
  2. Queries completed on 16.07.2023
  3. Jury evaluation completed on 17.07.2023
  4. Winners announced from 18.07.2023
Challenge finished
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[Please note: this information is fictitious and serves only to illustrate the submission of challenges and solutions functionality of this platform.]

Develop a structural matrix, quick and easy to implement in the field, that can protect and retain soils in vast burned areas from this first rains, immediately after forest fires.


Develop a structure that can protect soils in recently burned areas from rain wash and wind.

Desired result

A structural matrix, lightweight yet strong, durable under field conditions, recoverable and redeployable, that does not contaminate soils or produces residues during its implementation and functional period.

Call for submissions

Characteristics, materials and technical specifications of the product. Presentation of the company, its infrastructure and technical competencies. Budget proposal. Suggestions.

Benefits of the challenge and further project development

This challenge gives us (the sponsor) an overview of possible solutions and potential partners through a clear, tested and fair process of market exploration. We gain a better knowledge and understanding of innovative solutions in order to prepare a more robust public procurement (PP) project in accordance with the PP legislation.
For the participating companies, this means: You will be on the radar of the public sector! Your submission remains visible as a business card for other interested parties even after the challenge is over. You put yourself in a privileged position to land a PP contract in the future. If you are among the challenge winners, your company could be invited to an innovation dialogue where you can further present your solution and talk directly to us about technical aspects and the market.

Questions about the challenge

Winning solutions

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