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Are you a public organism that faces a challenge and is looking for an innovative solution? With the IPP Innovation Platform, you can publish a challenge aiming to find innovative solutions and suppliers. The Competence Centre PROCURE+i is available to help, if necessary.

Four steps to publication

Start by creating the basis for your market research. At any time, you can pause and ask for support from the PROCURE+i. You decide the timing of publication.

Describe the challenge

Start with a succinct, complete and clear formulation of the challenge you want to launch to the market.

Involve experts

Consider involving people with technical expertise in the subject matter of the challenge. Also seek the support of the PROCURE+i, for example, to participate in a workshop on the functioning of the Platform.

Complete description

Set a schedule for the duration of the challenge, determine evaluation criteria and select the members of the Jury.

Publish challenge

After a quality control by the PROCURE+i, the challenge is published and companies can start submitting innovative solutions.

Procedure of the published challenge

The IPP Innovation Platform aims to connect public clients that have specific challenges, to the companies that can develop innovative solutions. The result is an overview of the public needs and the market capacity to respond.

Call and submissions

The public client identified and described its needs and published a challenge. The companies have now the opportunity to submit innovative solutions. In order to attract the interest of other public entities, the solutions presented are publicly available for consultation on the platform.


The Jury starts reviewing the proposed solutions. They may ask the proponents for clarifications or additional information. All communications occur through the Platform.

Jury Evaluation

Now having all the necessary information, the Jury evaluates the proposals on the Platform, according to the evaluation criteria previously defined. Then, in a joint meeting, it proceeds to the final evaluation. The result is published, and the winners identified on the platform. The sponsors now have innovative solutions to their challenges and can consider them when contracting under public procurement legislation.

Innovation dialogue with the winners

In a 2 to 3 months horizon, the winning solutions are discussed in a bilateral session, aiming to develop in greater depth with the individual companies, a greater understanding of the solution itself and the market. The advantage of such session is to enable companies to better support their solutions and for public clients to know the conditions and prospects of the market. The possible contracting of a winning solution occurs under the public procurement legislation.

Do you have innovative solutions?

Take part in the challenges of public institutions.

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