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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the IPP Innovation Platform?

The CPI Innovation Platform is a digital space for publicizing challenges capable of fostering innovation, derived from unmet needs of contracting public entities.

With this Platform, the Portuguese Competence Centre for Innovation Public Procurement, PROCURE+i, builds a bridge between public sector clients and innovative companies. The aim is to keep the public sector modern, efficient and close to the people, through public procurement that promotes innovation.

For who is the IPP Innovation Platform aimed at?

The Platform is aimed at innovative companies, public sector clients and those interested in innovation public procurement.

Do I need to register on the Platform to create a post?

Yes, registration is necessary in order to actively participate, create challenges or submit a solution on the IPP Innovation Platform.

You can read the challenges and solutions as well as share them in social media and show your support with likes, without an account.

Do I have to pay anything as a registered user of the IPP Innovation Platform?

No. The Platform is free of charge for all members.

How can I register?

Click here to register. Please enter your name, email address and a password. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Simply click on this link and provide further information about your profile (company data, etc.).

If you do not find the email for activation in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. Write down your password and keep it in a safe place. You will need your credentials every time you log in.

Is my confidential data safe on the IPP Innovation Platform?

The security and protection of your data is our priority. Consult here our Data Protection policy.

How do I change my personal data?

If you would like to add or change your personal data, click on "My profile". Don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button when you are finished making additions or changes.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you forget your password, click on the "Log in" option on the menu.  There you will find a "Forgot your password?" link. Clicking on this link will automatically take you to a page where you can enter your email address and afterwards a link to generate a new password will be sent to your inbox.

Can I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your profile, please contact the administrator of the IPP Innovation Platform directly by email:

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have a question or a resquest for information regarding a challenge or a proposed solution, you can submit it directly through the Platform on that challenge/solution's page. For inqueries regarding the challenge itself, please contact the moderator of the challenge directly, for whom the contacts are available on that challenge's page. If you have any questions about news and events or about the Platform in general, simply send an email to We will try to process your request as quickly as possible.



What is a challenge?

The PROCURE+i challenge is an online tool for market exploration. It is based on Open Innovation Challenges, which aim to involve external actors in brainstorming or problem-solving beyond company boundaries. In challenge, a public sector client presents a process, situation or system that it would like to improve or solve.

Companies or cooperations of several companies ("consortia") are invited to submit their innovative ideas and creative solutions to a challenge online. A jury, composed from members of the challenge promoter, evaluates the solutions submitted, the winners are highlighted on the platform and meet bilaterally, in an "Innovation Dialogue", with the public institution.

Who can call a challenge?

Public sector clients can call for a challenge on the IPP Innovation Platform. Public sector clients are legal entities that conduct public procurement.

Who is the challenge sponsor?

The challenge sponsor is the public sector client that initiates a challenge and invites companies to submit their proposed solutions via the IPP Innovation Platform.

Who is the jury?

The jury usually consists of experts and managers from the entity of the challenge sponsor. Occasionally, external experts sit on the jury to reinforce or supplement the jury.

What happens to a challenge after it has been published?

After publishing the challenge with the question and descriptions, companies create their proposed solutions online via the submission form. Proposed solutions can be saved as drafts and edited until they are submitted. Upon submission, the descriptions and files will become public.

This is followed by a query phase in which the jury asks questions via the comment field provided with each submission and companies respond to them. If the requested information cannot be made public, the response will be delivered directly to the challenge moderator. This person then disseminates the information to all jury members.

The companies' submissions are then evaluated by the jury, who will award points based on the criteria published with the challenge. The jury then meets to decide which companies it would like to invite for final market discussion ("Inovation dialogue"). These companies are the winners of the challenge. The selection is made on the basis of the points scored.

What happens after a challenge ends?

With the results of the challenge, the challenge sponsor has a very good basis in which to take innovative approaches into account in the event of a public procurement contract being awarded.

How long does a challenge last?

The duration of a challenge depends on various aspects, such as the exact problem or the industry that is being addressed. Generally, a challenge runs for about 6-10 weeks after publication.

How much effort goes into preparing and running a challenge?

The steps of a challenge are clearly defined, but the effort depends on the complexity of the topic and the market situation. During the preparation, the challenge sponsor must describe the challenge, determine the evaluation criteria, nominate jury members and define the timeline. Some of these points require coordination with the PROCURE+i Competence Centre or the challenge moderator.

After publication, the jury reviews the submissions, the content of which should be minimal and only as extensive as necessary. Approximately four A4 pages or ten presentation slides should be assumed. The number of submissions that should be expected can best be derived from previous challenges. In the case of numerous submissions, it can make sense to make an initial selection before the final evaluation where all jury members award the points according to the defined challenge criteria.

After each jury member has awarded points, the entire jury comes to a meeting in which, after a maximum of three hours, a joint decision is made as to which submissions should be discussed with the companies in the innovation dialogue. Each of the six (usually) discussions of the innovation dialogue takes about an hour.

How can PROCURE+i  support me in the preparation and implementation of a challenge?

The PROCURE+i Competence Centre for Innovation Public Procurement accompanies the entire challenge process according to previously discussed needs and availability: From defining the challenge details to market activation and preparing the submitted documents to moderating the jury evaluation and the innovation dialogue.

How can I publish a challenge as a public sector client?

After you have registered on the IPP Inovation Platform, you can start your challenge by pressing "Start challenge" at the top of any page (or in the menu) and following the steps indicated. After you have entered the initial information, you have the option to receive support from the PROCURE+i Competence Centre for the following steps in the challenge construction process, if you wish. You can then specify the details and finally the challenge will be activated by the PROCURE+i Competence Centre.

If your topic is difficult to grasp, complicated or requires the involvement of numerous stakeholders, the PROCURE+i Competence Centre also offers a mini-workshop within the scope of its resources to prepare the innovation challenge.

Submit a solution to a challenge


How do I benefit from participating in a challenge?

Participating in a challenge puts you on the public sector’s radar. Your submission will remain visible as your business card for other interested parties even after the challenge has been completed. You are positioning yourself for similar public sector purchasing projects.

If you are among the winners and are invited to the final Innovation Dialogue, you can provide a representative market perspective and exchange ideas directly with those responsible for the project behind the challenge.

Your innovative approaches will become known through the challenge and will not be excluded from participation due to overly specific requirements of a possible call for proposals. For companies, this increases the chance of receiving an order from a public sector client as well as pilot projects and new cooperation partners.

Why are submissions open to the public to a great extent?

PROCURE+i Competence Centre for Innovation Public Procurement strives to promote challenges and ensures that other public sector clients become aware of the companies. The solutions online could therefore also appeal to other potential customers.

Who are the winners?

The companies' submissions will be evaluated by the jury with regard to the evaluation criteria published with the challenge (scoring system). The jury then meets to decide which companies it would like to invite to final market discussions ("Innovation dialogue"). These companies are the winners of the challenge. The selection is made on the basis of the points scored.

How can I take part in a challenge?

As a company registered on the Platform, you can submit your solution proposal online. The prerequisite for this is that you register or log on to the IPP Inovation Platform.

What should I keep in mind when making a submission?

We don't want to make the process of submitting a solution too time-consuming. In order for the jury to quickly understand and compare your entry, structure the submission largely based on the respective evaluation criteria. Avoid having the same content in the form fields and the attachment. Keep the submission clear, focus on the essentials and those aspects that set you apart from the "standard".

What can I do if there is a technical problem and I cannot submit my proposed solution for a challenge in time?

If you encounter a technical problem, send an email to the moderator of the challenge before the end of the submission phase. You can find the moderator's contacts on the page of the challenge.

How can I protect the intellectual property of my ideas, products, designs?

The protection of intellectual property is also relevant in open innovation processes. Depending on which idea you want to implement, it may make sense to legally protect intellectual property against imitation. Whether and which protection is necessary should be clarified as early as possible. More information and support is available from the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property.

Will I receive feedback on my proposed solution submitted for a challenge?

There is no guaranteed feedback. However, depending on the number of submissions, the sponsors will make an effort. The challenge process itself provides for a query phase that is sometimes used intensively. Challenge sponsors and interested users can make comments and ask questions about your proposed solution there. You, in turn, have the opportunity to respond to the comments or answer the questions. If requested information cannot be made public, request the involvement of the challenge moderator.

Who evaluates the submitted solution proposals?

The submitted solution proposals are evaluated by a jury, which usually consists of experts of the challenge sponsor.

What do the winners of a challenge receive?

The winners of a challenge are invited to the Innovation dialogue. Within the framework of the dialogue, the contracting authority and the company get to know each other better. As a company, you have the opportunity to present your experience and results, as well as your solution proposal in more detail

What is the Innovation dialogue?

In the Innovation dialogue, the winners conduct market discussions with the sponsor. As a rule, the jury members and other responsible persons are present. The innovation dialogue gives you as a company the opportunity to present your proposed solution in detail to the challenge sponsor and to enter into a technical discussion.

Will the contents of my presentation at the innovation dialogue be treated confidentially?

The contents discussed in the innovation dialogue are to be treated confidentially. The members of the jury generally sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect.

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